Aaron Hardin


Aaron Hardin (b. 1985) received his MFA from the Hartford Art School International Limited Residency Program in 2016 and is currently the Assistant Professor of Visual Communication at Union University.

Hardin began his career as a photojournalist for The Jackson Sun in Jackson, Tennessee in 2009. His recent accomplishments include the Magnum Photography Fine Art Award (2016) and a Magenta Foundation Flash Forward Emerging Artist Award (2016).

Hardin currently lives and works in Jackson, Tennessee with his wife, Alice, and daughter, Josephine.

Artist Statement

My daughter was born on the thirteenth spring. Her cries were met by the deafening surge of the cicadas’ song. I wonder if she’ll end up marred like me and my father. When the cicadas return, she’ll be a teenager and I’ll be grayed and worn.

Image credit: Aaron Hardin, Snake, 2015, Digital C-Print, 24 x 30 inches