Stoneware Teapot by Ray Morales


Teapot (2017)

Stoneware; Ten Moku and White Glaze

Wheel-Thrown, Fired to Cone 10 Reduction

Ray Morales is a Miami-based potter and professor of Ceramics at Miami-Dade College. He exhibits at Florida Craft Art Gallery in St. Petersburg Florida and participated in juried shows there. He has also worked with companies and designers to produce unique works. He earned a BFA from the University of Central Florida and an MFA from the University of Miami.

His intention is to create pottery that’s unique, inviting and elegant and is interested in familiar forms and the challenge of transforming them into art.  Making handmade pottery creates a dialog about his life as an artist, the pots he makes and the people who use them. “I hope that this dialog promotes a greater appreciation and understanding of handmade objects and how they help us celebrate our daily lives.”


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Weight 5 lbs