Simon Gunning: The River & the Painter


The first comprehensive survey of Simon Gunning’s work depicts three collections: The River, The City, and The Bayous and Swamps. Over 90 full color plates,152 pages. Introductory essay and interview with the artist by John M. Barry.




Australian-born Simon Gunning left his native country in the 1970s with plans to attend a graduate program in England for painting. On his way, he traveled through the United States and to New Orleans, where he was captivated by the city’s urban landscape set amongst a lush backdrop of tropical flora and cypress swamps. Gunning moved to New Orleans in 1981 and began painting its neighborhood streets and later, the natural scenery of South Louisiana. Gunning’s paintings depict a range of local subject matter, such as the Creole cottage-lined streets of the city’s historic neighborhoods, passing barges on the Mississippi River, and the serenity of two fishermen in the Honey Island Swamp. This exhibition will highlight Gunning’s mastery of the Southern Louisiana landscape, which he has been painting for over thirty years.

John M. Barry is a New York Times best-selling author whose books have won multiple awards.

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