George Dureau: The Photographs


George Dureau, The Photographs reiterates Dureau’s talent and legacy through one of the first complete collections of his groundbreaking imagery. –Issue
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This album of photographic portraits by New Orleans artist George Dureau (1930-2014), charts his forty-year romance with the male figure as subject. Dureau’s photographs of men are described by Philip Gefter in his introductions as clear-eyed, humble, and sincere; whether clothed or nude, they appear natural and unself-conscious before his camera. He portrayed his models, many of whom were black, disabled, or both, with a tender regard—his gaze steady and tinged with a playful eroticism—their poses evoking classical figures of allegory and myth. Well-known among his contemporaries, and famously influencing the work of Robert Mapplethorpe, this is the first collection of his photographs to be published since 1985. Philip Gefter is the author of Wagstaff: Before and After Mapplethorpe (2014), and the essay collection Photography After Frank (Aperture, 2009).

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