Facing South: Portraits of Southern Artists


For more than 15 years, Jerry Siegel has been photographing southern artists. Following in the footsteps of his namesake uncle, Jerry Siegel – one of the earliest collectors and promoters of southern artists – the younger Siegel continually traces regional southern artistic talent back to its creators, whom he captures in portraits as emotionally affecting as they are visually striking.

Facing South: Portraits of Southern Artists reproduces, in both black-and-white and color, 100 portraits of the artists Siegel worked with – potters, sculptures, and photographers.

232 pp, 110 photographs



Jerry Siegel, a native of Selma, graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta. After 29 years as a much-sought after commercial photographer in Atlanta, Siegel relocated to Birmingham where he continues to shoot for commercial clients while also pursuing his fine arts work, which also includes documenting the unique cultural landscape of the South, focusing on the Black Belt region as well as his ongoing series of portraits of southern artists.

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