Accalia and the Swamp Monster


Borrowing from Roman mythology, Jungian analysis, and the psychology of fairy tales, Kelli Scott Kelley presents a story of family dysfunction, atonement, and transformation. Reproductions of her artwork — mixed-media paintings executed on repurposed antique linens — punctuate the tale of Accalia, who is tasked with recovering the arms of her father from the belly of the swamp monster. Visually and metaphorically, Accalia’s odyssey enchants and displaces as Kelley delicately balances the disquieting with the familiar.


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Associate professor of painting at Louisiana State University Kelli Scott Kelley has exhibited and lectured throughout the U.S.  Her work is featured in permanent collections at the Tyler Museum of Art in Texas, the LSU Museum of Art in Baton Rouge, and the Eugenia Summer Gallery in Columbus, Mississippi.

Hardcover 112 pages, LSU Press

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