Spirit Ring by Jupiter LA-LA


Fine Silver with Tourmaline set in 14kt Gold bezel.

Product Description

Megan Victoria of Jupiter LA-LA grew up in the sunny hills of Southern California. She swam in the ocean, rode horses and painting her life stories every day on the walls of her bedroom. Megan began travelling the world with her mother very young and the winds brought them to Cairo, Egypt. From the ancient deserts she flew to the green English countryside and studied art in her boarding school.

Megan’s love for crystals brought her to the prestigious Gemological Institute of America where she earned her degree in Gemology as well as a degree in Jewelry Manufacturing Arts. While attending school Megan worked in small mineral stores and a nearby Tourmaline mine, gaining a soulful understanding of metaphysical values combined with compassion for the gems as they are unearthed as well as a highly scientific understanding of classification and identification.

All Megan’s jewelry is crafted by her own hands in New Orleans, Louisiana where Megan spends most of her time. The outskirts of Las Vegas, Nevada along the hills in the open desert is a second home for her but New Orleans is the heart of all the art work.