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Intern Notes: Week Three

Last week the Ogden Museum Art and Drama Camp came to an eventful close with an amazing performance held on Friday afternoon. Before the skits, both campers and counselors were busy making last minute changes to their costumes and preparing the set for the presentation. At the final performance, the young actors and actresses stole the show! As Art and
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Intern Notes: Week Two

This was the first of many eventful summer programs at the Ogden Museum: Art and Drama Camp. Over ten days, Andy Vaught, drama instructor, and Suzanna Ritz, Assistant Education Coordinator and art instructor, will guide students through preparing for and putting on a completely one-of-a-kind production.   On the first day, the camp counselors, our Teen Docents, led the campers
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Intern Notes: Week One

Summer has officially begun at the Ogden Museum and what better way to start than with Summer Teen Docent training! This summer, seven local high school students will not only give tours of the Ogden’s collection, but will also act as counselors for the Museum’s “Art and Drama” and “Art and Movement” camps. During the first week of training, Teen
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