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Words from an Intern, In Focus: Photo Camp 2012 Part II

After a weekend break it was time to ease the students back into the daily grind. Stretching our legs over to the French Quarter, the students continued to study by way of street photography. Still keeping in mind the elements already learned, they were introduced to utilizing aperture and shutter speeds.


Words from an Intern, In Focus: Photo Camp 2012 Part I

The Ogden Museum was thrilled to welcome the last camp of the summer sessions, Photography. Our thirteen young artists began the week with a perusal through a photographic library of sorts. After discussing the books and images, it was straight to the lens. We took them on a photographic scavenger hunt in a nearby park, looking for moods, compositions, or
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Words from an Intern: Fashion Camp 2012 Inside the Studio

Two weeks ago the Ogden Museum of Southern Art opened its doors to fourteen students, all with fashion on the brain. These teenagers were more than ready to get down to work on their future designs and upcoming show. Taking lead from instructor, Veronica Cho, and with the help of Sally Hall and myself, the process unfolded.The journey began with
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